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is a native Montanan singer/songwriter continuing the tradition of great american troubadours. His proficient finger and flat picking styles immediately bring to mind such players as: Leo Kottke, John Fahey, Keller Williams and Dave Matthews. Growing up as a self-taught musician, Jess' lyrics and compositions hide his young age, sounding more like some one who's been at it for 45 years. Pulling subject out of thin air, his songs reflect melodies and interpretations of subject we all think about, but can't articulate. Along with his self-penned compositions, he easily blends in timeless classics that paved the way for acoustic singer/ songwriters. His adept versions of songs like Danny O'Keefe's "Good Time Charlie's Got the Blues", Santo and Johnny's "Sleepwalk" and other blues and country classics, make you feel like he wrote them himself. A stunning instrumentalist and a true showman, Jess Atkins is a must see for any music enthusiast.